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Krypton Garage & MOT Centre

As a family run business, Krypton Garage & MOT Centre have been serving the West Lothian Public and Business Sector for over 40 years. Our skilled staff have over 65 years combined Motor Trade experience and Trading Standards Approved. We continue to make considerable investment in modern Equipment, Training and new Technology to enable us to keep abreast with the vehicle needs of our customers and have forged links with many high profile Suppliers and Associates that enables Krypton Garage & MOT Centre to maintain the high standard of Service, our customers demand and are accustomed to.

As West Lothian's premier diagnostic, troubleshooting and electrical experts we find and repair the problems regular garages & dealers fail to resolve......

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The Service is a comprehensive series of safety checks designed to ensure that your car performs to its optimum levels over the year following your service. When you book you car in for a Service our technicians not only ensure that the components of your car are working as they should be, but top up and replace parts if/when it is required. In total you can expect to have well over 50 detailed checks carried out, covering every part of the vehicle. If you have recently put your car through a Service and would like a check up, why not check out our...

Car Keys

In the past 20 years, vehicle manufacturers have invested millions of pounds on technology ensuring the security of your vehicle. This means that most vehicles built within the last 20 years which have a transponder chip in the vehicle's key, require the chip to be programmed into the vehicle immobiliser to enable the key to work properly. This is a skilled area of work that most garages in the UK, including main dealers, are unable to perform due to the equipment and training required. The cost of this equipment is also prohibitive for most businesses, making...