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Improved Drivability | Good Fuel Saving

Top 10 Fuel Saving Tips

Save FuelDramatically improve your MPG by following these fuel saving tips on a daily basis; challenge yourself to constantly improve. You will be amazed at what you can save.

1. Slow Down.... One of the best ways to save fuel is to simply reduce your speed.

2. Careful Braking.... Every time you brake, you convert fuel that you have paid for, into heat!

3. Planning.... Plan ahead, watch for traffic, choose the best route, not always the shortest.

4. Use Gravity.... On a modern vehicle it uses no fuel when your foot is off the accelerator, so take advantage of downhill runs, or approaching a junction, it’s completely free motoring!

5. Accelerate With Care.... Accelerate smoothly and gently, maintain a constant speed and keep gear changes to a minimum.

6. Top Gear.... Get into top gear as soon as possible, without labouring the engine as each gear down can cost up to 20% fuel.

7. Switch The Air-con Off.... Up to 10% fuel saving

8. Keep It Serviced.... Under-inflated tyres are one of the most commonly ignored causes of poor MPG. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy. Use a quality oil.

9. Have a Remap.... With a diesel engineed vehicle you can significantly improve fuel consumption by having a remap. But don’t take our word for it, try it for 30-days under our no quibble moneyback guarantee.

10. Stay At Home!.... Is the journey really necessary? Can you share a car? Could you go out at a quieter time?